Sunroom AdditionAdd a Sunroom to make your Toronto Home Sunny

When you want to add oomph to your property, a sunroom is just what you need! It is perfect for the cold weather of Toronto and the surrounding communities of GTA. It is a multi-purpose room and you can use it according to your imagination. If you are looking for a leisurely living space in your home, hire a home addition contractor to build a beautiful sunroom for you.


For a Sensational Sunroom, hire Expert Sunroom Addition Contractor

Usually, building a sunroom offers low construction costs. It is because three of the walls are glass panels. But, the project can turn into a nightmare if you do not have right people working for you. It is essential to hire an expert sunroom addition contractor who has adequate experience of building sunrooms. Work with The Home Improvement Group, the GTA-based company who has helped several homeowners in creating additional living space at less cost.

We are pros at handling complex home addition projects such as second floor additions as well as additions related to patio enclosures, solariums and sunrooms. We help you decide on the size of the room according to your needs. We use high quality materials to ensure minimal wastage of energy. To cut down energy consumption and reduce noise, we suggest using double-glaze windows and doors. It will keep the sunroom cool in the hot season and ensure warmth during the winter months. We even install insect screens to keep pests at bay. If you are going to use the sunroom for the entire year, our team will install an air conditioner as well as build a fireplace.

At the company, we put customer satisfaction at the front and work hard to deliver great looking additions to the people of Toronto. And, that is why, we have stand by our work and provide you with 1 year warranty.

Our comprehensive sunroom additions service includes:

  • Understanding your requirements and fulfilling them with our design/build services.
  • Developing a design that complements the rest of the home.
  • Obtaining relevant permits from the local municipality.
  • Using quality materials to ensure minimal maintenance in the future.
  • Working well within budgetary constraints.
  • Meeting the deadline with a great-looking sunroom.


Different Ideas to make Optimum use of a Sunroom

Want a place to curl with a good book? The sunroom is your answer.

Need a place to exercise? The sunroom can be your gym.

Want a play area for the kids in the monsoon? Head to the sunroom.

A sunroom in your home can be used for multiple activities. You can personalize it according to your needs. If you have patio, you can enclose it and create sunroom. It will cut down costs as the contractor will have to simply cover the patio area.

Before the addition project begins, think of all the possibilities and make a decision. Here are a couple of sunroom addition ideas to help you decide:

  • A gym area to exercise in the bright sun
  • A spa to relax in the moonlight
  • Game room to entertain guests
  • A separate smoking room
  • A room to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the company of nature
  • A kids’ zone for your children to play in any time of the year
  • Home office to work from home in a bright and airy atmosphere
  • Greenhouse conservatory to grow plants in abundant sunlight


The cost of Building a Sunroom in Toronto

You may be worried about the cost of a sunroom and may turn towards the ready-to-use sunroom kits available in the market. But, remember a DIY project with a kit may not give you the desired results. You may not be able to customize the sunroom according to your requirements. And, it will result in redoing the work. It can become an even more expensive task.

If you are interested in a simple screened porch, the cost will be around $4.48 per square feet. But, when you need a complete solarium or sunroom, the cost can increase because it involves high level of personalization. On an average, the cost of building a sunroom starts from $8072 but it can increase depending on your requirements.

Be it a garage addition or a sunroom addition, no home addition project is a simple task. It involves adding space without damaging the structural integrity of your home. When you want a build a special retreat place in your home, it is best to hire the expert home addition contractor. The Home Improvement Group will understand your needs and design a sunroom suited to your lifestyle. Call (416) 477-4500 to add a leisurely space in your home.