Second Floor/Story Addition TorontoSecond Floor Addition to make your Home Spacious!

Family grows and your home grows smaller! Are you facing this trouble? Now, buying a new home in Toronto is difficult because of the rising real-estate prices. And, leaving your paradise whenever there is an addition to your family is not a solution. You can always hire The Home Improvement Group, GTA’s reputed home addition contractor to add space to the house. Make your home spacious with a second floor addition.

You can either opt for adding a room to the second story, increase the height of the attic to create a new story or even consider adding a complete new floor to your existing one-story home. When it comes to second floor addition, you have limitless options. It all depends on your imagination and your needs.

Why Second-Level Home Addition is your Best Bet in Toronto?

  • Building out is not “the” solution!

  • If you have extra space, you can consider a bump out addition. But, if you have space constrains, a second floor top up is the perfect solution. This way you will not have to part ways with the beautiful trees in the courtyard. It will help you to keep the incredible landscape of your home as it is and ensure larger living space. So, if you want to build a home office, gym, bedroom or a kitchen, choosing the second story addition will solve all your problems.

  • Increase Home Value

  • Lack of space is a big issue in Toronto and other communities of Greater Toronto Area. But, by adding a second story to your bungalow, you can make it beautiful as well as increase its real-estate value. Second floor additions have a high ROI, typically in the range of 80%-85%. So, do not think that hiring a contractor and undertaking a home addition project will not bear fruits in the long-run.

  • Opportunity to Remodel Entire Home

  • By adding a second story to your home, you will have the opportunity of remodeling your entire home. You can relocate your home office on the second floor or shift the gym upstairs. It will allow you to add space to kitchen or help you to consider a living room addition project in your home. The options are endless!


What is the Cost for Second Floor Additions to your Home?

Now, remember that the actual cost of the home addition project depends on your requirements, your budget and the expertise of the home addition contractor that you hire. Usually, average costs range from $80 to $200 per square feet. If you are interested in building a bathroom on the second floor, you have to add the plumbing costs to the budget.

Why to hire The Home Improvement Group for adding a Second Story to your Home?

  • Experience of Home Addition

  • The Home Improvement Group has adequate experience of home addition projects such as sunroom additions, garage additions as well as second story additions. It has helped several homeowners in building the home of their dreams. So, when space is a constraint, you can think of Toronto’s favorite home addition contractor to add space to your home.

  • Complete Design-Build Services under One Roof

  • With our unique design-build service, you will be able to enjoy all home improvement options under one roof. You need not hire an architect, structural engineer, electrician, plumber and handyman separately. We are a team of licensed professionals. Our team includes all types of experts that are required to make your home beautiful. So, do not worry about finding crew, we will do all the legwork!

  • Warranty of Work

  • With our licensed and fully insured crew, we work hard to give you the home you desire. We stand by our work and ensure you of quality craftsmanship. We provide a 12 months warranty on every home additions project including a second floor top up. So, rest assured! When you hire The Home Improvement Group, all your doubts and tensions are put to rest!


Don’t think of leaving your home that is full of memories! Simply add a second story and create new stories with your loved ones. Call The Home Improvement Group today and allows us to create a beautiful and functional home for you. Dial (416) 477-4500 today for quick and reliable second floor additions in Toronto.