Home Additions TorontoHome Additions that add Happiness to Life!

Do you need more room? Are you expecting a new family member soon? Is the current living space inadequate for you? If your answer was affirmative to each question, you need additional living space in your home. But, buying a larger home in Toronto is not an option for every homeowner. You can opt for home additions and remodel your building to fulfill your requirements.

Home additions provide multiple benefits such as:

  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Help you avoid the burden of finding a larger home.
  • Allow you to dodge the higher cost of a new home in a pricier Toronto real-estate market.
  • Aid you in maximizing your investment.
  • Perfect solution if you love your community but need more living space.

Remodeling a home and expanding it is a big financial risk. So, it is essential that you consider the cost of the home addition project. Also, make sure that you work with an expert home addition contractor of Toronto. Trust The Home Improvement Group. We have knowledge of making home additions a success.

Trust The Home Improvement Group for finding the Hidden Space

    • Building Out / Bump Out

Do you want to increase the square footage area of the ground-level floor? Expanding a living room or adding space in the kitchen is a simple task for The Home Improvement Group. The home addition contractor is experienced in remodeling property and will ensure minimum disruption to your Toronto home. We are specialists in bump-out addition. We can assist you with room addition, sunroom addition or a simple kitchen addition. Our team will consider the zoning regulations of your area and suggest you optimum ways of adding space to your home.

    • Building Up

Building up is the process of adding stories to the existing property. If you are interested in adding a second story to your home, The Home Improvement Group will analyze the structural integrity of the building and provide you with different options for home addition. Trust the contractor for garage additions as well as building another floor to accommodate the growing number of family members.


For every Home Addition Plan in Toronto, there is only One Name

If you have plans for home addition, we will help you to expand your living space. We can help you make a decision and choose which type of home addition will suit your needs and budget. Whatever the type of home addition you plan, we will help you. The Home Improvement Group is experienced in handling different types of home additions such as:

  • Second-story home extensions
  • Sun-room addition
  • Expansion of kitchen space
  • Room additions
  • Rear extensions
  • Garage Additions
  • Adding a room over the garage
  • Building a patio extension
  • Family room additions
  • Building an extra bedroom
  • Creating a conservatory


Get the Advantage of The Home Improvement Group Today!

The Home Improvement Group is the ideal home addition contractor for remodeling your home and increasing living space. We ensure 100% dedication to your home addition project and provide you with the following services:

    • On-site Inspection

Our structural engineer and architect will visit your Toronto home to inspect the property. It will provide us with a clear idea of the kind of remodeling that is feasible in your home.

    • Creating Optimum Design Plans and obtaining Permits

After discussing your ideas, we will create design plans for home addition and make optimum use of available space. Once you approve them, we will obtain the relevant permits from the local government. Adhering to the rules and regulations avoids rework and wastage of your money.

    • Insured Crew

The Home Improvement Group guarantees total satisfaction. With 2 million in liability insurance, you do not have to worry about anything. We ensure on-time completion of the project and work hard to provide you with durable yet beautiful results.


If you are interested in unlocking the hidden potential of your home and increase the living area, home additions is your answer. Get in touch with The Home Improvement Group to get the most of your property. Call (416) 477-4500 for hiring Toronto’s favorite home addition contractor and give a new look to your home.