Home Addition in Markham – Can I increase the size of my Home?

Home Addition in Markham – Can I increase the size of my Home?

Want to increase the size of your home? Instead of looking for a new property, renovating the current one is an affordable option. But, before you start the process of adding a new room to your home, know how to obtain a building permit. Without a proper permit, you won’t be able to transform your dream home into a reality.

Do you think that your home is too small to accommodate the growing size of your family? Do you think you need to add a story to the home or bump-out the kitchen to create a little extra space? No matter what kind of home addition you are looking for, you need approval from the City of Markham.

Why do you need approval from the City of Markham to undertake Work in your Home?

The City of Markham has incorporated Building Standards to make sure that any construction work that is conducted in the city is of good quality. The Building Standards incorporate the Ontario Building Code; City’s zoning bylaw and other relevant laws. If you want to build a new home, or demolish an old one, you need permission from the City.  Even major renovations such as home addition require approval.

You cannot begin any work without a building permit. Applying for the permit and obtaining it ensures that you are undertaking a safe home construction or renovation project. It also helps the City to reject illegal home additions that can cause problems in the future.

So, if you are interested in adding a room over the garage for your teenage kid or looking to increase the size of the sunroom, you need to obtain a building permit.

How to begin a Home Addition Project on your Property?

Begin with hiring a home renovation contractor who is well-versed with home additions. Hiring an experienced contractor will help you to stream-line the process. You can make use of his expertise and understand whether your home addition plan will pass the Building Standards Department guidelines.

Getting a building permit is very easy in Markham. You can visit the official website of Markham for a quick understanding of the process. On the website, you will find online tools to help you ascertain whether your home addition plans meets the requirements. Once you are sure about the plan, you have to submit it to the City and file for a permit.

Adding extra space to your home is not illegal. But, how you do it is important. Hire Markham’s expert home renovation contractor to take care of home additions. The Home Improvement Group will help you to get the building permit and ensure a successful home renovation project.