Garage Conversion Garage Conversion means Additional Living Space!

Do you need additional space in your home? Do you think that the increasing size of your family is making things crowded? Well, there is no need to find a new home. Simply hire The Home Improvement Group for quick, efficient and affordable garage conversions in Toronto and GTA. Trust the reputed house renovation & home additions company for transforming your garage into an elegant finished living space.

Convert your Garage; Add More Space to your Home with Expert Help

You may consider a garage conversion to be a simple task. Painting the walls and adding plumbing to the room doesn’t seem like a big task. But, remember that you need to comply with the building codes of your local government. So, it is best to hire an expert to convert the garage for you. Work with The Home Improvement Group, who has been instrumental in helping homeowners improve their living spaces with quality garage conversions.

If you have a garage that needs attention, call the experts. The Home Improvement Group can help you convert the garage into a room that caters to your needs.

  • Apartment or Living Room

If you need additional living space, converting the garage into an apartment is the right way to go. You can opt for a complete garage conversion that includes building a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. If you have a limited budget, a studio apartment can address your needs as well.

  • Kids’ Playroom

Why not create a safe play area for your kids in the home? With wide expertise, the company will build a kids’ playroom that will accommodate monkey bars, swing set and everything else necessary for a fun time. It means your kids can play without having to leave the comfort of your home.

  • Home Office

Do you need a place to work? Are you tired of using the kitchen island as your makeshift office? Why not use the garage as your home office? Trust our expert garage conversion service. Our team will devise an optimum design plan for converting your garage into a dedicated work space.

  • Home Gym

Sweat it out in the garage! If you are looking for transforming the unused garage space into a home gym, you have come to the right place. The Home Improvement Group has wide experience of building a home gym in garages and basements. Our team will work hard to deliver a workout area designed according to your exercise preferences.

  • Entertainment Room

Perfect for a fun family night! You can convert the garage into an entertainment area with large-screen television. You can install additional speakers and acoustic panels to improve the audio quality. Our team can also soundproof the room so that you do not disturb other members of the family. Discuss your preferences for the entertainment room so that the garage conversion meets your expectations.

Make Garage Conversions Easy with The Home Improvement Group

If you have something specific in mind, let us know. The Home Improvement Group is Toronto’s reputed home renovation contractor. The company can build a guest house, sun-room addition or even build a dining area by transforming the garage space. We take pride in our efficient garage conversions and offer 1-year warranty. So, do not worry about the quality of work. Trust us for the best renovation service in Greater Toronto Area.

You may think that hiring a licensed home renovation contractor will be expensive. But, not everything is DIY. To convert a simple garage into a safe living area, you need to take care of plumbing, electricity, heating and much more. It can quickly become a burden for you. Choose The Home Improvement Group for affordable garage conversions that will become stress-free for you. Call (416) 477-4500 or book an appointment online to build a living space of your dreams.