Garage AdditionGarage Additions guarantee Greater Space

In Toronto, real-estate is precious. And every homeowner wants to make optimal utilization of his property. If you think that your home lacks enough living space, consider a garage addition project. Work with The Home Improvement Group, a trusted home additions contractor of GTA, and get ready for a larger garage space.

Adding a Garage to your Existing Home: A Task Best left to Experts!

When you need additional space for your motorcycle, car, ATV or even your work tools, you will have to consider building a garage on your property. It will help you to avoid removing snow from your car every day and make sure that your belongings stay safe. Building a garage floor is not a DIY task. You need to build a strong foundation, pour concrete and build a garage that satisfies your requirements.

It is best to let the home additions expert do the work for you. At The Home Improvement Group, we are professionals in bump-out additions. We also help with second-level home additions and ensure that you get the home that you desire. We provide start-to-end garage addition services which include the following:

  • Creating a design and build plan for the garage
  • Ensuring that the style of garage matches the rest of the property
  • Obtaining Building Permit from the City of Toronto
  • Building the Garage according to your requirement

With us, you can enjoy 1 year warranty. Isn’t it better to avail stress-free home additions service instead of worrying over every small detail?

The Cost of building a Garage in Toronto

The cost of building a garage varies according to your requirements. However, on an average a garage builder may provide you with an estimated budget of $35-$45 per square foot. So, a 250 square-feet garage will cost you $10,000 approximately.

  • Attached Garages

If you want to cut down cost of adding a garage to your existing home, you can consider building an attached garage. It is cheaper because the garage builder will have to build only three walls instead of four. An attached garage provides you with an entryway from your home and allows you to avoid the harsh weather conditions. The cost of a single-car attached garage is $8000-$10,000. On the other hand, a two-car garage will be available for $13,000 -$17,000. It can increase depending on the level of work you want the contractor to do for you.

  • Detached Garages

If you want the garage addition separate from the house, the cost will be around $30,000-$35,000. Now, it will be more expensive for you if you consider using the garage as a home office or a gym. The potential cost of adding amenities to the garage can increase the cost to $40,000. It is because you will have to hire electricians and plumbers for a finished garage.

The Size of Garage Additions

For every home addition project, size is an important matter of concern. Usually, the common sizes of garages are: 12*24 feet, 14*48 feet, 24*24 feet, etc. While determining the size of the garage, you must consider the size of your car/s. Also, if the additional purpose of garage is storage, you must think of it to avoid space issues in the future.

A Variety of Garage Addition Ideas!

Gone are the days when garages were meant to park cars and store old junk. Today, there are several ideas to personalize your garage. Even if you do not own a car currently, you can build a garage and use it for multiple purposes. Here are a few garage addition ideas to help you get started:

  • A kids’ art studio
  • A gym
  • A home office
  • Additional living space
  • An additional bathroom, etc.


There are endless possibilities for a garage addition project. If you are looking for more ideas, get in touch with The Home Improvement Group. We are Toronto’s reputed home additions contractor. We build garage and improve your living space to match your lifestyle. Call (416) 477-4500 to add a safe space for your cars and other belongings.