Bump Out Additions: Micro Solutions to your Major Space Issues

Bump Out Additions: Micro Solutions to your Major Space Issues

Tired of the cramped bedroom? Annoyed by limited seating space in the dining room? You do not need to spend an exorbitant amount on a full home addition. A bump out addition is a micro solution that gives you incredible results. It gives you the opportunity to make your home spacious and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Home additions are not set in stone. You can choose to add space in your home in whichever way you want. When you are in need of a large space, you can think of a garage addition, a room addition or a second-story addition. Its cost will be high and may require a large investment. However, when you want to increase the size of a room, acquaint yourself with the affordable bump out addition.

Bump Out Additions: The Perfect Blend of Money and Space

Any type of a home renovation project requires money. You can try and save money by opting for the DIY route but, home additions require an expert. So, how to ensure less spending while adding space in your home? The answer lies in bump out addition. It provides an alluring solution to the long-standing problem of wanting more space at a lesser cost. When the money is tight, a bump out addition seems right.

A bump out addition can involve anything from adding a room to the existing home or increasing the size of an existing room for greater comfort. You can add a couple of square feet to a room and transform its look. Your contractor can dig up to 3 feet so that you do not have to spend money on foundation work. Also, if the roof of your home is extended for two to three feet, he will be able to tuck the bump out under the existing roof and help you save more. And, as there is no need to install additional HVAC, a bump out addition makes sure that you get additional space at a cheaper cost.

Another benefit with a bump out addition is that your family won’t have to move out while the contractor works on your home. The home improvement project is less invasive. As the contractor will use only a part of your home, you do not need to vacate the premises and spend money on hotel stay.

A Few Ideas for Bump Out Additions!

  • Bathroom Addition

Old houses have smaller bathrooms. You can extend them with a bump out addition. You can use the additional space for a soaking tub, a bath tub or a shower. You can separate the bath tub and shower so that you do not have to step in the tub every time you need to take a bath.

  • Kitchen Addition

If you want to create a small dining area in the kitchen, a bump out can help you with it. It will be a perfect place for a cozy breakfast. A bump out addition is useful when you need to additional storage space. By increasing the size of the kitchen, you can build new kitchen cabinets for storage or an island to prep food. You can even think of a U-shaped kitchen layout for more cooking space with a bump out.

  • Dining Room Addition

In most homes, living areas serve as dining rooms. But, if you need a dining room for classy soirees, think of a bump out addition. If space is a major constraint, a window seating or a built-in banquette can help you to convert a dingy storage space into a sophisticated dining room.

  • Bedroom Addition

A micro bump out addition will help you to create additional space in the bedroom. You can build cupboards or a walk-in closet with adjustable shelves and enjoy respite from cramped and overflowing cabinets. You can even tear down the wall of the adjacent bathroom or the small closet and add it to the master bedroom.

A bump out addition is the perfect way to add space without breaking the bank. If you are looking for more space and comfort in your home, hire home additions contractor and discuss your requirements. Consider your options and think thoroughly before making a decision because any change, that you make, is an investment for your home.

A bump out addition gives you the gift of space. Work with the expert home additions contractor in Toronto and get ready to enjoy additional space and comfort. Get in touch with The Home Improvement Group to renovate a Toronto property.

Comments (2)

  1. olga
    Dec 18, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Does adding a bump out, need a city permit?

    • THIG
      Jan 10, 2019 at 1:20 pm

      When it comes to bump-out additions, homeowners tend to avoid the permit as many projects do not require excavation and footing. But, in reality, you need to have detailed drawing as well as apply for the permit with your local municipality. Do not compromise with the structural integrity of your house. Adopt the right approach and obtain the permit.