Bathtub to Shower ConversionUpgrade the Bathroom; Give it a New Look!

Bathroom is an important space in every home. It may not be considered as the heart of a home, but a small and dingy bathroom can often give homeowners nightmare. If the bathroom in your home is small, you can consider a home addition project to increase its size.

But, if you do not want to undertake a massive home improvement project on your property, The Home Improvement Group can suggest you bathroom renovation ideas in your budget. You can convert the rarely used bathtub into a shower to create extra space. It is a perfect way to create a shower area for quick baths.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion – Your Bathroom deserves a Professional

Do you rarely use your bathtub? Is it occupying unnecessary space in the bathroom? Why not change it?  You can replace it with a shower area and make the bathroom bigger and better. Now, there are many DIY bathtub to shower conversion kits available in home improvement stores across Toronto. But, should you buy a DIY kit or hire an expert?

Do not fall prey to DIY kits. It is because a single mistake in the process can render your bathroom useless for several days. And, then you will have to spend additional money on hiring a professional to do the job for you. It is best to hire an expert as bathroom renovation contractor who can provide you with professional service. The Home Improvement Group will help you to remove the bathtub and install a beautiful shower of your choice.

The Home Improvement Group – Ideal for converting the Tub to Walk-in Shower in Toronto

There is nothing more relaxing than a bubbly bath in a beautiful bathtub. But, nowadays, not everybody has the luxury and time to spend in a bathtub. And, that’s why; the convenient shower seems to be a logical choice for most homeowners in Greater Toronto Area. If you have an older home with a claw-foot tub, we can help you to increase the space in the bathroom by converting the bathtub into a walk-in shower.

  • Our bathroom renovation team will remove the original tub and faucets securely and ensure zero damage to your property.
  • Once the bathtub is removed by our team, next is the installation of the shower base.
  • After installing a modern plumbing system, we will repair the wall and get it ready for a shower.
  • We help you design the shower area by providing you with a wide plethora of options. You can choose your patterns, textures and colors and we will work beautifully to give you the best results.


We are experts in Quick Tub to Shower Conversion

If you are not sure about removing the bathtub, there is an alternative for you. We understand that bathtubs are expensive and you may not want to get rid of one. But, if you want to create additional space in the bathroom for bathing, we can add shower to the bathtub and provide you with a perfect combination of bathtub and shower. It will make sure that you have a place to soak away your worries as well as a place for a quick bath.

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If you want to increase the space in a cramped bathroom, get rid of the bathtub. It will help you to open up the bathroom space. If you are looking for a few luxurious bathroom renovation ideas, your search ends here. Call on (905) 502 0204 to book an appointment with Greater Toronto Area’s reliable bathroom renovation expert. Let’s start upgrading your home now.